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Dress Rehearsal and Recital Venue – We are SO excited to be back on a big stage for our upcoming 2021 Recital, “The Show Must Go On”! Our dancers will enjoy performing at the beautiful Raymond E Hartfield Performing Arts Center.

Raymond E Hartfield Performing Arts Center
5800 McNeil Drive, Austin, TX 78729 (Across from McNeil HS)
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Click here to download the Dress Rehearsal Order

Click here to download the Show Order


Dress Rehearsals will be held on Thursday, June 10th at the Raymond E Hartfield Performing Arts Center. All dancers must arrive in costume ready to perform 15 minutes before their scheduled rehearsal time. It is REQUIRED that your dancer attends dress rehearsal. Dress rehearsal is imperative, not only to their success, but for the other dancers too. They need to be familiar with the stage and understand entering and exiting instructions from the wings. We are not rehearsing the dances in “show order”. Bring all costumes, their dance bag and all dance shoes, and label everything! Once you arrive at the performing arts center, please come into the auditorium and sit with your child’s class. If you arrive late and miss their dance, we WILL NOT be able to do it again because of time restraints, so please plan ahead. In order to adhere to the district’s occupancy policy in the auditorium, please limit the number of family members attending dress rehearsal to ONE supervising adult per dancer. You may take pictures and video of your dancer on stage during dress rehearsal only (not during the recital).

***After your child’s class has rehearsed on stage, they will head to the lobby for group pictures – even if you do not plan on purchasing one. We frame group pictures of all classes for the studio!


  • Friday, June 11th at 7pm

  • Saturday, June 12th at 1pm

  • Saturday, June 12th at 6pm

On the recital day all dancers must arrive in costume 30 minutes before their show time. Dancers will report backstage and follow the signs to their waiting area. Younger combo classes will need to check in with the stage mom in the green room. You will sign your child in with their stage mom(s) no more than 30 minutes before show time and then take a seat in the auditorium. Older dancers will find their assigned dressing room. The auditorium will open for seating 30 minutes before show time. No one other than staff or parent volunteers will be allowed in the auditorium before this time.

RRISD Updates Regarding Occupancy Restrictions and Mask Policy

RRISD has lifted their occupancy restrictions at the venue. Therefore, we are no longer requiring wristbands or limiting attendance to our shows. Because of this, a live stream will not be available to keep costs down. In addition, masks are optional on guests and performers.

Video and Picture Policy

You may video and take non-flash photography during dress rehearsal only. Our shows will be professionally videotaped by Sharpshooters Video Productions and will be available for purchase. Please refrain from recording or taking pictures during our shows.

Audience Etiquette and After Show Pick-up Procedures

In order for the show to run smoothly and professionally, we request that you do not get up and down during any dances. It is very disruptive to other parents who are watching their kids and takes away from the performance atmosphere for all dancers. If you must get up from your seat, please do so in between dances.

We will NOT have a curtain call at the end of the show with all dancers this year due to Covid policies and limiting the number of kids on stage at the same time. Therefore, young combo dancers ONLY may be picked up after they are done dancing. They may enter the auditorium to watch the rest of the show with a parent after changing out of their costume. All older dancers, ages 8 and up are expected to remain backstage until the end of the show. Older dancers in the dressing rooms are to meet their parents in the lobby after the show. No friends or family members will be allowed backstage for any dancer over the age of 8.

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