Tuition and Fees


Tuition is based on an hourly rate. Tuition is calculated per semester (Sept. – Dec. and Jan. – mid June). Tuition can be paid by semester or in monthly installments.

Tuition paid monthly remains the same regardless of how many classes there are in that month.

There is a 5% discount for tuition paid in full at the beginning of each semester. We also offer a $15 discount/month for each additional family member. However, the sibling and semester discounts do not both apply.

Hours per week Monthly Tuition 4 months (fall semester) *** 5 1/2 months (spring semester)
 30 minutes  $58/mo.  $220/fall semester  $303/spring semester
 .75 – 1 hour  $70/mo.  $266/fall semester  $365/spring semester
 1.25 – 1.5 hours  $90/mo.  $342/fall semester  $470/spring semester
 1.75 – 2 hours  $120/mo.  $456/fall semester  $627/spring semester
 2.25 – 2.5 hours  $130/mo.  $494/fall semester  $679/spring semester
 2.75 – 3 hours  $150/mo.  $570/fall semester  $784/spring semester
 3.25 – 3.5 hours  $160/mo.  $608/fall semester  $836/spring semester
 3.75 – 4 hours  $170/mo.  $646/fall semester  $888/spring semester
 4.25 – 4.75 hours  $180/mo.  $684/fall semester  $941/spring semester
 Unlimited  $200/mo.  $760/fall semester  $1,045/spring semester

*** Spring Semester goes through mid-June; therefore June’s tuition will be prorated accordingly.

Fees and Policies

*** Spring Semester goes through mid-June; therefore June’s tuition will be prorated accordingly.

Tuition paid monthly is due by the FIRST of each month.
After the 10th a $10.00 late fee is incurred – NO EXCEPTIONS. There is a $25 returned check fee.

Registration Fee is $45.00/student and $55.00/family – is due upon enrollment. This fee is necessary for insurance, music license fees, studio improvements, office paperwork etc.

Recital Fee is $60.00/student and $70.00/family is due Feb. 1st if your child wishes to participate in the recital. This fee helps pay for the auditorium rental and technical crew. General admission is free.

Costume payment will be due Dec. 1st Costume costs vary depending on the age and class of the dancer. Costumes will be ordered over winter break.

We offer private lessons and birthday parties – please call for pricing.

Drops – We must receive a written notification to release you of your financial obligation to The Dance Gallery. If a drop should occur after the first of that month, you will be expected to pay that month’s tuition. However, after written notification is received you will not be responsible for the next month’s tuition. We DO NOT REFUND registration fees, tuition (including full semester tuition), or costume fees.

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