The Dance Gallery’s Performing Troupe

This program is available to experienced dancers, ages 9-18. The Dance Gallery’s troupe is a competitive and performance-driven program that provides a higher level of training and performance opportunities for the serious dancers. It is our goal to enhance their dance education by developing the performing artist inside. We believe that dance training is life training and we strive to build team work, confidence and responsibility. This group will be selected through an audition process every year to represent The Dance Gallery. Troupe members are required to take several dance technique classes weekly and must also commit to troupe rehearsals throughout the year. Troupe members will perform at numerous community events and competitions. They will also attend dance conventions to further train and inspire.

Note on fees: There is a separate cost for participating in Dance Troupe. Annual costs are determined based on number of performing events, competitions, and conventions. There will be fund-raising throughout the year to help offset some of the traveling expenses. Call the studio for more information.

Congratulations to our 2015-2016 Dance Troupe Members!


Mia E.
Megan F.
Isabella F.
Evan H.
Brandon L
Evan L.
Emily M.
Chelsea P.

Teens (Burgundy Team)

Jordan D.
Caden L.
Sarah K.
Kejda Metalia
Abigayle P.
Skyler R.
Jenna R.
Jordan R.
Anna S.
Adisyn W.
Addison W.
Bailey W.

Teens (Gold Team)

Izabel C.
Thayne C.
Audrey D.
Aryana G.
Raegan H.
Payton R.
Olivia Y.


Cara C.
Bethany D.
Ellie D.
Tara D.
Jenna D.
Juliet H.
Savannah L.
Gabriella M.
Rebecca M.
Madeline T.

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